Your creativity and intuition are calling to you.

This course is for you if you have ever desired to express yourself in a new and creative way. If you have ever wanted to uplevel your journaling game with a little splash of magic. If you have ever been curious about the world of tarot and line art. This course breaks down artistic journalling and the wonder of tarot into a very grounded, approachable experience. You don't have to have any prior knowledge, you don't have to be psychic. We all have the innate ability for intuition and creativity and this program combines the two in a fun and accessible way. Join course instructors Errin and Rebecca while they share their passion, techniques, skills, and wisdom in this one-of-a-kind learning experience.



Errin Witherspoon

I worked for most of my life in marketing and advertising. But, when the grip of the eating disorder I struggled with since my teen years tightened in 2016, I launched an at-home business and left the corporate world completely. In 2018, I fell in love with art when I finally embarked on my journey to recover from binge eating disorder and regain freedom from the prison that my mental illness locked me in. Now, with my passion for art and all things healing and self-love, I am focused on using my experiences to help others who suffer from mental illness. The publication of my creative journal, The Reflections Journal, in 2019 has allowed me to get involved with eating disorder recovery support organizations like Project Heal, and Recovery Warriors in a leadership and teaching capacity. In addition, I've started an online support community for those suffering with an eating disorder. I teach art workshops to group members, and host a virtual book club with weekly live discussions around the themes in our book selections.


Rebecca Anhalt

Hi! I'm Becca. I'm an Intuitive Life Coach, Soul Realignment Practitioner, Self-Love Mentor, and International Tarot Reader. After nearly a decade of working in mental health, I decided to open my own practice, guiding women to heal not just the mind, but every aspect of who they are using the soul as a foundation. Understanding who you are at soul level is like coming home to yourself. It is understanding the very depths of who you are. Being able to hear your intuition is an important part of that process. Your intuition is your soul's language speaking to you, leading you. Tarot has become one of my favorite spiritual practices because it helps me to connect to my intuition, get clear on what needs healing within me, and reveals guidance to my clients. I am so excited to share this love of tarot with you and to teach some basic techniques to help you connect to your tarot deck and use tarot to strengthen your relationship with your intuition.

Course curriculum

  • 2


    • Supplies Needed for Handlettering

    • Lower Case Letters

    • Upper Case Letters

    • Connecting Letters

    • Adding Interest

  • 3

    Making the Journal

    • Supplies Needed to Make a Journal

    • Signatures

    • Covers

    • Decorate Covers

    • Binding

    • Finishing Touches

  • 4

    Journal Spreads

    • Supplies Needed to Create Journal Spreads

    • Journal Title Page

    • Card Symbols

    • Arcana Study

    • Annual Reading

    • Monthly Title Page

    • Monthly Reading

    • Lunar Spreads

    • Daily Readings

  • 5


    • What is Tarot Anyways?

    • What is Tarot Quiz

    • Attuning to a Tarot Deck

    • Attuning to a Tarot Deck Quiz

    • Exploring Tarot Basics

    • Tarot Basics Quiz

    • Practicing Tarot Spreads

    • Interpreting a Tarot Spread

    • Tarot Homework Assignment

  • 6


    • Pages & Pentacles Wrap-up

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